Be the Best on 2 Economy Picking Techniques

Lead Guitar Lesson – Economy Picking Exercises – Shred Guitar Let´s meet our newest addition to the Guitar control team! He is a very technical player who will help you to reach the shred zone… Hello, this is Cameron Rasmussen with Guitar Control, today we’re going to be talking about economy picking. Economy picking, how

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Beginner Guitar Lessons

How To Play Guerrilla Radio Epic Guitar Riff

Hey guys, Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control from Guitar Idol finalist and instructor Silvio Gazquez on Guerrilla Radio Epic Guitar Riff – Rage Against the Machine Riff. Get the tabs to go along with the video and you will be rockin’ this killer riff in record time. Hope you like enjoy it!

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Chords and Rhythm

How to Play Crazy Train on Guitar

Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control instructor Silvio Gazquez on How to Play the classic Randy Rhoads Crazy Train on Guitar. Be sure to get the tabs so you can easily follow along with this lesson. About Randy Rhoads Randall William Rhoads was an American heavy metal – classical guitarist born December 6,

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Ashen Promises

Here’s another metal song called “Ashen Promises” which is chock full of juicy, crunchy metal riffs and licks.

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Rippin’ Heavy Metal Riffs

Here’s another short sample video, showing another metal tune…This song, called “Pursuit” has some interesting riffs and unusual rhythms. Check it out and post your comment! Stay tuned…. Next post will reveal details on the release of “Metal Mayhem”

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Metal Guitar Techniques

hi Guitarists… Here’s another short sample video I put together today. In the “Metal Mayhem” guitar course, you will learn all about chunky palm muted riffs, power chords, artificial harmonics, and a ton of other metal guitar techniques. More importantly, you’ll learn how metal riffs and songs are constructed so you can create your own

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Are You Ready for Metal Mayhem?

Hey Guitarists and Metal Enthusiasts… This is it… The much anticipated “Metal Mayhem” Guitar DVD Course. I’ll be releasing more info soon about what you’re learn exactly, how much it is, and when you can get it. (It’s coming very soon!!!) Meanwhile, check out this sample video:

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