Learn How To Play Rock Guitar

Welcome back! In this article I wanna help you learn rock guitar. Rock is such a wide concept; let’s start by saying that it’s not a genre, it’s a movement. It has influenced society so much. When I think about rock I think about distortion. Let’s just stop for a moment and agree that there’s

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How to Play These Easy Rock Guitar Songs

Think about the rock guitar songs that inspired you to want to pick up the guitar and play. You’d give anything to play some of those songs, wouldn’t you? Well, the good news is you can. Maybe not right away, but with patience and a whole lot of practice, one day you can play some

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Rock Guitar Lessons You Need to Know

Rock guitar lessons are among the most popular today. Rock music was created by the guitar and when most people think “guitar”, they think “rock”. Rock music evolved from traditional blues music which is also guitar oriented. The origins of rock were on electric and acoustic, but rock belongs to the electric guitar. This article

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