Eastside by Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid on Acoustic Guitar – Made Easy on Video

Hey, this is Matias Rengel with Guitar Control, we’re learning this really cool song by Benny Blanco Halsey and Khaled called “Eastside”. It’s a really cool song he has a really nice arpeggio and I think it’s going to help you a lot to expand your pages and capabilities. Also I’m going to show you how to play this with simple chords in an acoustic guitar.

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The first chord that we’re going to be checking out an F sharp minor don’t worry because where going to get into this specific of each chord so you will know how to play each one of them. Right now we’re just doing the outline, we have the F sharp minor, A major, A major, D major, A major, that’s super simple.

Of course when you say F sharp minor people like I don’t want it, it’s so hard to play when you’re just starting out but don’t worry this time we’re going to make it very easy version and it sounds really cool. Down to the arpeggio that is like the actual thing that happens in the recording this is actually a song that is using if thirds so it’s a third easy but it’s three noes in the difference, the difference between the notes are three so for example if you say what’s the third of a C the third of a series C, D, E, so E is A out if the note is if you notice two full steps or 4 half steps above the other note which means 1, 2, 3, 4 frets from the note that means that it is A major third if it is three frets above that’s A minor 3rd. So for example this is 4 frets 1, 2, 3, 4 and that’s important to know because we have right here a major 3rd and a minor third this is the same as this I’m just putting it on the next octave of course so that’s what this song is doing right now is playing third so what we’re going to learn is by learning the shapes of the of the third minor so you have to pay attention you have to be aware of the progression of the chords that are happening in of the of the index finger on the 5th string so you’re going to have the index finger to start with. You can have it on the 9th  fret, now the easy thing about this if you have a guitar like mind you have dots so check this out it so easy because this song goes on the 9th fret that has a dot in the 9th fret is the single dot before the double dot right because on the top fret we have two dots so we go on the 9th fret then we go on the next dot below which is the 7th fret then we go on the double dots and then we go on the 5th fret right which is  the 2nd dot.

Start over here a very easy way to see it is, I am using this, and there are all next to each other it’s like you’re doing well I’m going from this dot on the 9th to the next on the 7 and instead of going to this one which will be obvious I go first to this one and then I go to this one so they go and then you repeat this once again this one the next dot and start again so having that in mind check this out if you were going to use the 2nd string. Now as well if you put a finger on the 2nd string a fret above your index finger so this would be on the same fret if you put it a fret about it will be this one that’s going to be A minor third if you put it two frets like here that’s going to be A major third but an easy way to play this is we’re going to do minor sir thinking remain keeping this in mind right look at the dots so you’re going to do minor third major third major third major third major third major third minor sir so in conclusion we’ll have one minor third which is the shape that in which the finger is on the 2nd string but if about will have one which is the first  one the rest are all major C it’s going to be very easy if you pay attention to the actual index so super simple very easy now that’s the entire easier for you but you’re going to have your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the 6th string ring finger on the 2nd fret of the 4th and pinky on the 2nd fret of the 3rd and the rest are open then you’re going to go into an E major so for that check this out for that you want to keep the ring finger where it is and you’re going to bring the middle finger in to the 5th bring the index finger into the 1st fret of the 1st string major for this one you have index on the 2nd of the 3rd ring on the 3rd of any meeting hang out whatever you want to call it but anyways hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson go check out the song and give it a try. Now you know the third major minor and explore them and don’t forget to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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