How to Play Grateful Dead´s Uncle John’s Band – Guitar Lesson on Strumming Chords

Hey, how’s it going this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I want to give you a little bit of some “Grateful Dead” inspired strumming. It goes a little something like this we play a couple chords that I’ll explain for you.

How to Play Grateful Dead´s Uncle John's Band - Guitar Lesson on Strumming Chords

So that’s the Intro of Uncle John’s band which is an awesome song and the chords are really simple it’s G to D and then C to D but just as important as the chord is the other hand the strumming pattern right so there’s always two ways to learn one is to just use your ear and listen to copy what I’m doing and then the other way is to count it out some people learn better different ways so let me just play it a couple more times and you can do if you have your guitar handy feel for you to grab it and just copy what I’m doing.

If I were to count it out it would be 1, 2, 3, 4, and in 2, 3, so either way. Now here’s the thing about a lot of songs not just Grateful Dead you know before I ever started really teaching and breaking things down it was always kind of like natural to me to just you know I didn’t have to count everything out so if you had this basic strum now that would change them up a bit as the song goes on but it’s still the same feel so if you get a little bit of that you know feel down if you if you master the basic strong so you’ll notice this truck changes but it’s just so natural to just you know just seeing okay they actually goes we minor D minor C to D but if you note this song well and I know that song because I’ve heard it a lot of times and you stay in rhythm and just sing what’s supposed to be sung to play barre chords a lot of times the strum baby is just going to take care of itself again assuming you have the basics down so if that made sense if you want more of the chords of the song just check the link in the video description and if you’d like to check out my ultimate guitar song collection feel free to do that just go to guitars song collection. Make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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