How to play `Last kiss´ by Pearl Jam

Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson. In this free lesson Claude teaches you how to play the song Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. Be sure to click the link for the chord chart that goes along with this lesson. Songs like this are great for beginners due to the simplicity of the strumming and the use of basic chords that you probably already know. So grab your guitar and your favorite drink and sit down and get this modern classic under your belt in record time.

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss


Hey guys Claude Johnson here from Guitar Control and today I’m going to show you the chords to a Pearl Jam song called Last Kiss. It’s a great song like an old-school 50s rock kind of vibe and it’s just G, E minor, C and D. So kind of like this.

Last Kiss – Pearl Jam Strum

For a count the song would be like one two and four. I’ll try out the vocals. I didn’t really nail the vocals their little high in the register but that’s all right, don’t worry Eddy Veder, better keep your day job now. Anyway seriously though inside it’s a real simple song.

Seven Basic Chords

You’re going to get that strum down and again the four basic chords are actually all four of those chords are part of the seven basic chords that I keep telling you to learn which are a minor G C D E, major A, and A minor; so if you learn those seven chords you’ll able to play tons of songs including this one. So have fun with that and if you’d like to check out my beginner guitar course I go over some other Pearl Jam stuff and just actually 75 your favorite artists tons of great stuff you can check out my course at

Alright have fun.


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