Easy 3 Strings Sweep Picking Lick in E Minor

In this Guitar Control video lesson instructor Darren Goodman, will show you a cool little sweeping lick that’s based on the “First Three Strings”.

Easy 3 Strings Sweep Picking Lick in E Minor - Lead Guitar Lesson on Sweep Picking Licks

Easy 3 Strings Sweep Picking Lick in E Minor -- Lead Guitar Lesson on Sweep Picking Licks

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

The very first one is an E minor, starting on the 19th fret of the first string with your fourth finger and then first finger on the 15th fret and you’re going to do a down stroke and pull off to the 17th fret of the second string with your middle finger, there’s an upstroke on the 16th fret of the third string and then we’re going to a send back up.

We’re going to descend it and a send it, we’re going to pull off that note from 19 to 15 and then pick 19 again and pull off and then descend again, and that’s the entire sequence. We’re going to go down and play AC major starting on the 15th fret with our fourth finger, first finger on the 12th  fret we’re going to pick, pull to the 13th fret of the second string and the 12th fret of the third string down then you’re going to shift that up one whole step.

Now, it’ll be a D major so you’re going to do the exact same sequence but now you’re going to be starting on the 17th fret and pulling to the 14th fret and move it back to the first position. The part of the trick in that sweep where you’re just picking in one long continuous upstroke and one long continuous down stroke, the best way to practice that is to take whichever arpeggio shape you want. And down pull up now when I do that stroke on the second string, I’m letting the pick to come and rest on the third string, so that way it keeps me from doing separate up strokes or separate down strokes because it’s supposed to have one continuous motion and if you let the pic come to rest onto the next string down or up it really helps with that a lot.

This is a cool thing to play over the top of chord changes. Make sure to subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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