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Yes, Jack does a lot of heavy stuff like metal, but he also shows
some great rock and blues riffs, rhythms and patterns. Check it out:

A whole different attitude. It drives; it says a lot.
It says wow, this guy really took his time to write
his rhythms out.

Make sure you put away your lead guitar for a while.
Don’t even think about the first three strings on
the guitar. Think about D, A and E. Use them.
They’re the cornerstone of how you play.
They’re the basic — you don’t build a house
without a foundation. Rhythms; foundation.

Okay. Let’s get studying the blues patterns.
Bands like Led Zepplin, Jimmy Page, Bad Company,
great stuff for blues. Let’s start with like a basic run.

I think it’s really cool. I change my sound a
lot for this. I’m using both pickups in the
middle position. I roll back on my volume on
my guitar and I put a little delay to give it
much of an ambiance kind of effect to how I’m playing this.

It’s an A and I’m pulling-off 1-3-4. As I’m
pulling off I’m going… I’m always going back
to the A. One, two, three, four and I’m hammering-down
on the C, open. Nice and slow. One, two, three, four. Up, down.

I just walked it. So as I did this, all I did was
I did the same exact pattern, but then I went up
to the E and I anchored my E as my A. So still
second fret, one string up. Let’s try it together,
nice and slow. Watch my hands.

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