How to Play Ramblin Man on Acoustic Guitar – Jimmy Dillon Easy Strum

Hey, this is Jimmy Dillon with Guitar Control, let’s take it down south, time for an Allman Brothers Band one of my favorite songs one of my favorite bands this is called “Ramblin”. I believe this was written by Dickey Betts, I’m not sure about that but I’m going to play it in a little more acoustic style obviously that’s why we’re here but I thought this was a great song to challenge you guys a little bit it’s got to be minor in it.

We’ve talked a little bit about B minor in this course there are several ways to play it and I want to address that right away before we get into the song so here’s a here’s a 1st position B minor you can see how that looks at the barre chord but if you have trouble with that and you’re okay with an E minor you know you’re you know you’re in landed by now you can move it up to that B minor or you can do a sort of a truncated version just like that. So if you’re daunted by doing a whole in a barre chord then just do a partial like this or even just this many third fret D-string 4th set 4th fret D-string, 4th fret D-string 3rd fret on the B-string and you’ve got to B minor close enough right so you’ll see how that plays into this when I show you the chords so I’m going to play the core out of the chorus chords first there was C, G then you stay indeed then G now your strum like that country one we’ve been doing I’m going to make that more simple how about we just show you the chords 1st in just one stroke and I realized this song is a little bit more advanced for some of you but it’s still doable I promise.

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