Here’s more sweet deals + my Christmas poem

Hi Friend,

If you’ve been thinking about Wicked Chicken Pickin Chops,
then you’re in luck because i’m about to save you a few bucks…

cluck cluck cluck 🙂

Same goes for Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

Sunday, Dec 19th, Chicken pickin chops is on sale!
Monday, Dec 20th, Killer Guitar Control Secrets is on sale!

Plus we’ll have cool gear deals every day as always,
but all these deals are good just for 24 hours.

If you missed the deal, hey I’m sorry but you gotta
be checking the blog every day! You won’t want to miss
a single day of deals during the 12 days
of Christmas which are more than half over…

It all happens on my personal blog:

I’ll have another cool lesson coming out soon, and
on Monday, there will be an additional very cool video
(not Santa Claude) that you’ll want to see.

Hey by the way, for all you stragglers, if you didn’t
grab your copy of the “Christmas Guitar Course” for
a buck, carpe diem!

Honestly, I don’t know why or how anyone WOULDNT
want a copy of this course, given the facts that
its full of cool Christmas chord progressions and
chord-melody arrangements…


It’s only a buck and its all for charity.

Here’s the link:

In fact, I wrote a poem about it:

Twas the night before Christmas, as I picked up my axe,
I was shredding some licks, when in came a fax;
The Guitar Control blog, was poppin, it said,
“We’ve got killer deals, so go save some bread!”
There’s DVD courses and all kinds of gear,
and a Christmas Guitar Course for all kinds of cheer.
The children at Blue Star are truly in luck;
Thanks for buying this course, it costs only a buck!

Haha, i know its corny but if you think you can write
better poetry, post it on my blog!

Anyway the message is: go grab the course.

Here’s the link again:

Rock on, and have a killer week!

Claude Johnson

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