Getting a Wes Sound

There’s several ways to get a characteristic “Wes” sound from your soloing. Here’s just one of the ways. Using the G7 arpeggio over the Dm7 chord…. Check it out: This package will be available on Wednesday at noon. I only have 100 copies, so if you want first digs on it, check back here at

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Jazz-Blues Playing

Hey Guitar players… Ok, so were coming out with this new learning package in a few days. There’s 3 parts to the this package: 1. Essential Jazz Theory/Technique 2. Jazz/Blues Lessons 3. Wes style playing. This sample video is about part 2: Jazz/Blues. This is the kind of stuff you’ll be playing when you learn

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Check out Wes

Want to play jazz like Wes Montgomery? We’ve got a brand new package coming out in a few days that will teach you: 1. Essential jazz guitar theory and technique. 2. How to spice up ordinary blues progressions with jazz chords 3. Some of Wes’ best techniques and secrets. For now, just check out this

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