The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence” – Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar Lesson Made Easy

Hey, how’s it going this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control, thank you so much for hanging out with me today I want to give you a guitar lesson in the style of the Beatles “Dear Prudence”. This is a great song, kick start your finger picking and we’re going to break down the intro.

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First I’m going to break down the left hand and just a couple comments 1  in drop D so I’ve lowered that 6th string down from E o D and then I’ve got these sort of three note kind of fretted chords up here these little triads and my third finger is going to start on the 3rd string 12th fret then my first fingers 10th fret and then my pinky is on the 12th fret so I’ve got 12, 10, 12, with a D in the base and then I go to a D shape and this is just a little baby D chord 10, 10, 11, and then that drops down a whole step to a C shape and then I’ve got 7, 8, 7, which is a G cord but it actually looks like a stock a little D shaped just relocated up here then I’ve got 6, 5, 5, which is an A chord with a D in the base and then the last two chords are a C triad 5, 5, 3, again with a D in the base and then a D chord, that D chord is just your stock 2, 3, 2, so I’m going to run through those real quick slowly here.

We go get those down and then we can work on the right hand and this is really where you know we start breaking up those chords and arpeggios. I’m going to start with my thumb on the 5th string and my middle finger on the 1st string and I want to stick using the same fingers, I really use these three thumb index middle and I want to be consistent as I’m practicing the pattern. I’m trying to use the same fingering just like if I played a chord if I play the D chord I wouldn’t one time play it this way and then the next time play it this way and then the next time switch my fingers like this you know there are reasons for changing but when you’re learning something new you just want to pick away and sort of burn it in and pick the way you know that that works out the best for the song.

So that’s what I’m going to show you with this pattern so we’ve got our thumb and our middle doing that pinch then the thumb comes down to the 4th string and then your index is on the 3rd string so the first half of the pattern goes like this and then the 2nd half your thumb drops down to the 6th string and then my middle moves up to the 2nd string and then I actually use my thumb on the last D-string there so the whole pattern is like this one and you’re basically just going to repeat that for each chord so it will go chop it down and on this one we’re going to do it twice then we start into the that so the whole intro goes kind of slide the chords you hear that on the record you know you it’s kind of sliding from one.

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