How to Do Killer Warm Up Guitar Exercises With Scales

When playing guitar there are many aspects to look at other than just learning some chords and your favorite songs. Playing an instrument is physically demanding venture. Just like other physically strenuous activities, you really should warm up your muscles and joints. Check out this lesson from Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson on Warm Up Guitar Exercises with Scales.


Warm Up Scales

Warm Up Guitar Exercises with Scales

Guitar Exercises With Scales

Hey guys Claude Johnson here from  So if you’re looking for a good warm-up exercise why don’t you just use a scale and slide it up? So for example let’s take the minor scale, we can start looking at G. So G minor, slide it up one fret and we have G sharp. Slide it up to A minor and so on.

So my point is there’s no need to do a separate warm up. I just start slow with a scale and that way you’re working on your skills. Those of you that know your scales will benefit, rather than doing something like chromatics although chromatics can be cool too, but you don’t need to do some weird exercise to warm up. You can just do something that you want to work on, like a scale. Just start slow and just move it up and also when you move it up through the different positions your fingers will have to get closer together or farther apart when you’re down here, which will kind of benefit you as well.


So that’s my two cents on warm-up exercises. Thanks for watching and please click on the subscribe button. Also if you want to check out all of our guitar courses just go to  Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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