Some of the Best Spanish Guitar Lessons for Beginners


If you want to impress people with your acoustic guitar skills, there’s nothing better than Spanish guitar! The sweet picking melodies and complex note sequences will have your friends and family astonished at your progress.

Sadly, most of the Spanish guitar lessons you’ll find online teach some pretty tough songs. For those looking to start out easy, here are some of the best songs to learn:

Romance by Anonymous — This song follows a consistent picking pattern throughout, making it a fairly easy one to master. There are a few challenges sequences, but overall, you should be able to learn it with a few hours of solid practice.

Submerge — For those who want to learn a moody, somber tune that’s fairly easy to play, this is the song for you. It will help you learn the basic finger picking patterns, and you’ll become adept at making the rapid chord switches that are such an important part of classical guitar.

Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega — This song is one of the easiest Spanish guitar lessons you will ever take, and you’ll be able to learn the song in no time. Thanks to the consistent picking pattern and simple chord sequences, it’s a great song for total newbies.

Malaguena — If you’ve learned the three songs above and feel like you’re ready for a bigger challenge, you should try the Malaguena. It’s not an easy song to play, but once you get the hang of the picking, it is guaranteed to impress.


Adelita by Francisco Tarrega — Yet another mid-level song that makes for a great Spanish guitar lesson, but only for those who want to challenge themselves and their fingers. The music is slow, but there are some challenging picking sequences that, once mastered, will make you feel like a classical guitar superstar!

If you want to learn Spanish guitar, these are some of the songs to get started with!

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