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What’s going on guitar enthusiasts, Darrin Goodman here bringing you some insight on a question I get often, how to learn electric guitar. There are many different avenues you can take on your journey to learn the electric guitar and I will share a few of those with you today.


A variety of styles and genres can be played on the electric guitar and it is easier to play than an acoustic due to the light gauge strings and thinner body. The electric guitar is the preferred guitar for rock, jazz, and metal and even though a lot of country and blues is played on the acoustic guitar there is also a lot played on an electric guitar. Even classical, Spanish, blue grass, and folk can be played on an electric guitar, although it’s traditionally played on an acoustic or classical guitar.


The following are some examples of the methods you can use on your quest to learn the electric guitar.


Private Guitar Lessons: Private guitar lessons are one on one and can be the most productive setting for a student. These lessons are usually done using popular method books or with original curriculum written by the instructor. In this setting the student gets the personal attention of the teacher and can progress much faster than in any other guitar lesson setting under the right circumstances.


Guitar instructional DVDs: Professional produced video guitar lessons that can be purchased in DVD format can be a great way to learn the electric guitar. These types of videos usually are the original curriculum of the instructor and are usually broke down into easy to follow steps. Professionally produced with HD video and sound with picture in picture close-ups to be able to see clearly what the instructor is doing. You have the ability to pause or rewind a section over and over again to master a technique or a lick on your own time. This is a great way to learn for those with limited time or unusual schedules.


There are also many resources that can be found online on sites like YouTube, but often are only sample clips of DVD courses or are poorly executed or produced. has a great YouTube channel with a lot of high quality video guitar lessons that you can use to learn the electric guitar. Weather you are a beginner or a seasoned player they have great lesson videos for everyone. You can check out the channel here


I hope this helps you on your guitar quest.


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