Cool Blues Turnaround

Here’s a cool blues turnaround I came up with… It’s fun and not too hard to play. It’s in the key of D and fits exactly into 4 bars. It’s a “turnaround”, meaning its used on the last 4 bars of a 12 bar blues. Notice how the notes fit over the chords A G D A.

The challenge of this lesson is nailing the rhythm. There is a wide
variety of different note lengths used. In order of appearence , there are: dotted
eighth notes, sixteenth notess, dotted quarter note, eighth note triplets, half note, eighth note rest, eighth note,
quarter note, and a (tricky) eighth note triplet tied to an eighth note. Although this
last rhythmic division sounds exotic on paper, it actually has a classic feel to it.

First practice with a metronome. If you really want to see how
good your timing is, try recording yourself playing it without a metronome , then listen to yourself
while counting to see if you can nail it.



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