How to Use Guitar Chord Tones In Blues Soloing

Chord Tones in Blues Soloing - Blues Guitar Lesson

Chord Tones in Blues Soloing

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from
I did a video a little while back about emphasizing
certain notes in the blues. For example, your root in
the key of A, and then you go to the IV chord, emphasize
that IV. Today I just want to demonstrate that over a
backing track. I’m not giving you any new information
because I went over that, but just to review.

You’re going to hit the one-note, the first degree. So my
example will be in the key of G. It’s a backing track.
It’s a G blues. So I hit that Guitar and then on the IV I
make sure — I’ll kind of overemphasize this technique a
little bit. So I’ll get up here and hit the button and
hopefully, this will sound pretty cool. All right here we go.

Root, right? Here’s the IV. Root. Here we’re going to go
to the 5th. Here we go. Did you get that? I’ll play it a
little faster. Okay? So hopefully that made sense and once
again, if you’d like to check out any of my courses, feel free.
I recommend you check out “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”,
so Thanks for watching. Take care.

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