"Disconnect" with Artificial Harmonics

Here is another sample clip from the “Rock Riffs Made Simple” instructional DVD. In this clip, we show some of Virtuwul’s song “Disconnect” along with a cool lesson on artificial harmonics that should be very helpful. Check it out:

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The 12 Rock Riff "Power Factors"

In the first part of “Rock Riffs Made Simple”, Virtuwul talks about the 12 Rock Riff Power Factors. Here’s a sample video: Here’s a brief description of 6 of the 12 Rock Riff Power Factors: Rock Riff Power Factor #1: Master Your Sound Throttle You’re going to learn how Tool uses this trick to “juice

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Introducing: Rock Riffs Made Simple

This powerful guitar course is called “Rock Riffs Made Simple”, and it’s all about learning to play heavy rock riffs in a simple and easy way. The instructor is “Virtuwul” who also taught the Acoustic Mastery course. Well, he’s back and I really think you’re gonna enjoy this one. Here’s the first sample clip. Enjoy

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