Chords and Rhythm

How To Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith

Hey guys, Check out this How To Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith guitar lesson from Guitar Control instructor and Guitar Idol finalist Silvio Gazquez. Silvio gives step by step video instruction and included free guitar tabs making this easy to get under your belt in record time. [ninja-popup ID=715] About Aerosmith Aerosmith is an

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Lead Guitar Lessons

How to Do E Major 7 Arpeggio Greg Howe Style | Advanced Guitar Lick

Here’s a nice little lesson from Silvio Gazquez… Here, he is using a standard E major 7 arpeggio but adding a few extra notes to make it more musical. Start slow and enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR VIRTUOSO GUITAR SECRETS Cool Ambient Arpeggio Guitar Lessons How to Play a Sweet Melodic Arpeggio Riff on Guitar (How

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Claude Johnson

Claude at NAMM 2013

Ok, so I’m at NAMM, (National Association of Music Merchants) Convention in Anaheim, California. If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much the biggest music convention in the world. Technically, there was one in Germany that used to be bigger, but whatever… Its still FREAKING HUGE… Ok, so I mentioned before that I’m

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