Claude at NAMM 2013

Ok, so I’m at NAMM, (National Association
of Music Merchants) Convention in Anaheim,

If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty
much the biggest music convention in the world.
Technically, there was one in Germany that
used to be bigger, but whatever…


Ok, so I mentioned before that I’m involved
with Spear Guitar.

So let me take you behind the scenes to show
you what I’m up to at NAMM this year, and
if you happen to be here, stop by the Spear
booth (booth 3495)!

Here’s a short video…It’s pretty funny,
especially “Crazy Sherman”.

Check it out:

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll have another lesson from Boogie

CLAUDE: Hey, Claude Johnson here. NAMM 2013,
total chaos as usual at NAMM. Let’s check out
what’s going on in the Spear booth. So we’re
here with Sherman. So Sherman, what’s your
experience with Spear Guitar?

SHERMAN: Well, you’ve heard of Crazy Eddy?
Well, I’m Crazy Sherman with Spear Guitar.
You’re going to love these guitars. Things
are going absolutely insane.

CLAUDE: So we’re here with Michelle Winters,
modeling for Spear Guitar. How’s it going so far?

MICHELLE: It’s awesome. Everyone’s having a
really good time. They love they guitars.
They’re so aesthetically pleasing.

CLAUDE: So what do you think of the Spear
models coming out?

MICHELLE: Oh, I love the pink guitar. I want the pink guitar.
It’s so cool. The bass is awesome, too. The pink bass.

CLAUDE: So you’re a musician?


CLAUDE: So what’s your latest song?

MICHELLE: Well, I write comedy songs and my
latest is called “The Vibrator Song”. It’s
about a girl’s first experience with self
pleasure and it will be coming-out on YouTube in
February and it’s YouTube/michelleandmoodunit.
That’s what it is. Michelle and the Moon Unit.

CLAUDE: All right. So we’re here at the Spear
booth. We’ve got some of the bass guitars, the
S-2. We’ve got the Flextool. This is a new bass.
For the electric guitar, we’ve got the Gladius
Blue Marble, got the Gladius Scratched Iron then
we’ve got the Gladius Black Cherry HT, of course
the hologram model, very popular. My friend Skully
over here. I think this is the S-100. We’ve got
the new Snake Skin model. These are very cool.
And they’ve got the new flying V, pretty cool.
All the Spears are awesome, another hologram,
the RD Rock, RD-150 and a whole bunch of other
great guitars.

VIRTUWAL: Talk to us about NAMM, Claude.
What’s the experience like here?

CLAUDE: Yeah, you know, NAMM is always a wild time,
a lot of noise, lot of — it’s huge. Even if you
try to see everything in four days, you never see
everything. It’s that big. So right now we’re downstairs,
the basement level. It’s a little bit more subdued.
It’s like three notches down, but it’s still cool.
Let’s check it out. Let’s see what there is to see
down here.

There’s all kinds of new products. You’ll
find everything here: guitars, basses, keyboards,
drums, trumpets, violins, cellos, flutes and then
of course all your midi electronics, all kinds of
gimmicks, everything.

This is an interesting booth. Not the typical
NAMM booth.

MALE: No. Well, it goes hand-in-hand though.
You’ve got to quiet-down all these instruments.

CLAUDE: So we’re here at the Lamvin booth.
It’s very interesting. Not your typical NAMM.
We’ve got some really cool art, three dimensional art.
What do you got going on here?

MALE: You know, we’re trying to change the look of
acoustics. We’re coming up with acoustics that are
actually artwork. So you get dual performance.
You get to put something on your wall that aesthetically
is pleasing plus it’s functional. It’s really changing
the industry. Most acoustical panels are flat and generic,
fabrics, no movement to them and we’re just trying to
spice it up a little.

CLAUDE: This is panels you would put in the studio to
dampen sound?

MALE: Yes. And then we also have the printed acoustical
panels. You guys could submit any high resolution photo
to me and we print it and put it on a panel. So you can
do movie posters, you can just do art work, family
portrait, your favorite bands, whatever you want,
we print it onto a panel. See, our ceiling clouds. It
looks like the light is shining through the trees. That’s
actually — these look much better when they’re higher.
You get a better effect from them. But we all have limited
space here. We’re just trying to change the look of standard

CLAUDE: I like what you got going on here and I wish you luck.
Have a great NAMM show.

MALE: All right. Thank you.

CLAUDE: So we’re here with Carl at Whotune. How’s it going?

CARL: Good, man. How are you?

CLAUDE: Good. So tell us about Rockstar Rising.

CARL: Okay. Well, Rockstar Rising is a role play game.
You play it on Facebook and on your iPad. Basically
it takes you through all the trials and tribulations of
being a working musician. You start off playing at small,
backyard barbecues and coffee shops, living in your mom’s
garage and you work your way through all the things that
we musicians do to become rock stars.

CLAUDE: All right, cool. So how do they get to that?

CARL: Yeah. You go to right now to register
to be one of the first to play the game when we launch it and
it will launch right around the first week of March.

CLAUDE: Sounds great. Have a great NAMM show.

CARL: Thanks, man. Thanks for dropping by.

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