Expanding our chord voicing and vocabulary II

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Today, Jon will teach you all the chords with seventh from the G major tonality, using really nice chord

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Hey, how’s it going, everybody?
My name is John McClennan and I’m here
today with guitarcontrol.com, bringing
you this lesson. Again, we’re working
on expanding our chord voicings and

One of the things you can do is play a
chord and learn all the chords within
that scale that are related to that
chord shape.

Let’s begin here on a D major 7 and
we’re going to go through the chords
in a D scale, playing some 7th chords
and some sort of piano style voicings
that might be new to you and are just
good for stretching-out your fingers.

Here we go on a D major 7: 5th fret,
4th fret, 2nd fret, 2nd fret.
Real nice voicing.

Up to the two chord E minor 7.
Which is going to be 7, 5, 4, 3.

And then I move that up a whole step
for the three-chord F-sharp minor 7.

And then this is the same as the first chord.
It’s the same shape but now it’s G major 7
and you’re on the 7th fret.

Then you’re going to get your A7,
which would be 12th, 11th, 9th, 8th.

And then you go to the B minor 7,
which is the same as this chord that
we used down here.

And then finally your minor 7 flat 5.
You should be 16, 14, 12, 12.

And then here you are back home on
your one chord, up the octave.

And then of course, don’t forget to descend,
going down the same shapes.

These are just really nice sort of jazz voicings,
major 7ths, minor 7ths. Again, any one of these
chords you can play on any fret so you might want
to experiment with moving these around.

Let’s do that same thing now coming off an
E major 7. So on and so forth. All those chords
move through the scale.

So one more time back on our home key D major 7.
D, E minor, F-sharp major… Back down. Love it.
Just real great sounding voicings.

Be sure to click the link below for the tabs and
we’ll catch you in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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