Learn to Play a `Montuno´ Latin Rhythm on Guitar

Learn to Play a `Montuno´ Latin Rhythm on Guitar - Rhythm Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys?
This is John McClennan
and I’m here with guitarcontrol.com,
bringing you this video lesson.
Here we’re looking at just a very simple,
basic Latin style montuno,
moving from an A minor 7 to a D7 or a D9,
which again is one of the most common
chord progressions out there, is a II V.
So let’s jump right in.
Be sure to click the link
below for the tab for this.

We’ve got 5th fret, 5th fret,
5th fret and I’m going to start
out right there, just sort of all
on one fret position here and I’m
going to play the 4th string and
then I’m going to play the rest of
the chord like this,
with these two fingers.
So those notes just sort of bloom.
And then all I’m going to do is drop
the note on the 4th string a half
step from a G to an F sharp.
So it’s… So we’re playing on
the first beat and then two — one,
two and. And on the and, that’s
when you drop this.

Again, click the link below for
the tab and this will just be
detailed for you pretty good.
But here it is one more time, slowly.

Thanks for watching.
We’ll see you next time.


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