How To Play “We Got The Funk” By Positive Force – Funk Guitar Lesson

Hey, this is Mattias Rengel with Guitar Control, today we’re going to be checking out this awesome song by Positive Force called “We Got the Funk”. It’s a really groovy rhythm with a little bit of an octave lick going on and I think it’s going to be very useful for you.

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The first thing that I would like to show you is an octave, if you don’t know what an octave is it’s basically the same note played twelve semitones above, also the octaves are usually two frets above the note. On the next string but on the one that follows after sampling to the octave of the fifth string on the seventh fret you go to frets above and on the fourth you have to go three frets above because we’re using octaves.

Now, that we’re playing F which is pinky finger on the 13th fret of the first string and then index finger on the 10th fret of the third string. With the index were muting the second because you don’t want to sound otherwise, here’s what you’re going to be doing you’re going two frets up one on the 12th and one on the 15th and you would do this rhythm. As you notice I put my middle finger above so I can mute this strings right there, so they don’t sound. Otherwise, since I play really hard sometimes I might accidentally hit it. So I don’t have to be worrying about it I’ll just mute it. Anyway, that’s the lick right there.

Then you bring your fingers down to the fifth fret of your index finger once again then you move it up two frets playing down, and up muted, and then you’re going to bend strings. We’re going to place our ring finger on the 13th fret of the second string and index finger on the 10th fret of the first string and you’re going to hit that and you’re going to immediately really fast bend the second string under the 13 fret, help yourself with your middle finger which is placed on the 12th fret just like that. The idea is that this one bands to the point where it sounds exactly like this, and you’re going to move up two frets then you move up three frets.

Now, for the end we got this thing right here, when we’re playing on the 13th fret of the second string, without any fancy meter guitar we go 13, 13, 10, 13, then slide up to 15. I think it’s a really cool lick and it’s going to be super useful for you.

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