Check Out These Killer Funk Guitar Licks

Welcome back! today I wanna share with you some cool funk guitar licks. Funk is coming back, that’s what they are saying. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s hit “Uptown Funk” stole the number 1 for weeks. It was the hottest track of 2014/2015. Funk is such a deep genre; whenever most people listen to it, they just feel good immediately. I mean, when I personally listen to any funk song, my mood is just completely different; I feel more confident, inspired and willing to do good things for the world. And when I play funk, I don’t even know how to describe to you the way I feel. I could literally go hours and hours jamming to a funk track. I could even go hours jamming with my guitar and nothing else, just playing some awesome funk licks. That’s what this lesson is about, I wanna share with you some killer funk ideas. Let’s check out a few of them:

Funk Guitar Licks

Funk Guitar Licks This one is an E Blues/Dorian inspired lick. Muted notes are a must for any funk guitar line. I would say that anything that sounds like a very short note is a candidate lick for a funk song. For example, this next lick doesn’t have any muted notes, but some of the notes are played staccato, which is basically a short version of the actual length of the note: funk-guitar-licks_2.png Pretty cool huh? You could play any line you want in staccato and it will probably sound like funk. Another thing you could also do is to play around a chord. Let’s say you have a B7, then you could do this: funk-guitar-licks_3.png The first 2 notes are the root of B7 and its octave. Octaves are really good for funk; you only play octaves and muted or play them in staccato and they will definitely sound like Funk. You can also combine octaves with scales notes, like I did in the exercise above. Well that is all for today. I really hope you have enjoyed this lesson and please, as usual, remember to check out some of our greatest videos at:

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