Advanced Seventh Chords on the Lower Strings



How’s it going, guys? My name is John McClennan
and I’m here with, bringing you
this video lesson. We’re looking at some sort of
advanced 7th chords on the lower strings. You’ve
got to click the link below for the tab for this
so you can follow along. But here we go.

We’re going to jump right in to a chord scale in the
key of E. It’s great to know as many chord scales
as you can so that you can fill-out your vocabulary
in chord families on the guitar. So here we go.

We’ve got 4-6-2-4 for an E major 7 here. Then F sharp
minor 7 is going to be 5-7-4-6. Move that up a whole
step for G sharp minor 7 and then A major 7, a real
great chord. Here’s your root, by the way. The root
of all these chords is on the 4th string. You move
that up a whole step and then I just bring my pinkie
back one fret to lower the 7th to get us the 5 chord.

B7, I’m looking at 11-12-9-11. And then C sharp minor,
which is a minor 7, 12-14-11-13. B minor 7 flat
5: 14-16-13-14. And then that, of course, to expand
out to our 1 chord again, E major 7, up the octave
from where we started, a real nice chord. Then going
back down. A good stretch down there on the low string.

Be sure to click the link below so you can follow
along with the tab and we’ll see you in the next lesson.

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