How to Do Reverse Chord Fingerings | Easy Guitar Tip for Beginners

Here’s a great, simple trick to know when you’re working with chords…

Hi. My name is John McClennon [phonetic] and I’m here
today with Guitar Control. I’m excited to bring you
some great new tips that are really going to advance
your guitar playing.

The first thing I want to talk about is a simple trick
that will help a beginning guitar player and also an
advanced player. What I find common is, let’s say you’re
working on a tune and it has a set of changes in it and
there are certain chords that are tough. They’re new and
you’re trying to get from one chord to another and be
there right on the downbeat or at the speed of a record.

One of the things that can help — and I’m just going to
use a C chord as an example today.

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