How to Play Allman Brothers´ Midnight Rider on Guitar

Hey, how’s it going this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I want to give you a nice little acoustic beginner lesson and this is a song from the Allman Brothers called “Midnight Rider”. I’m actually going to swipe from my own ultimate beginner guitar chorus where I teach this whole song and a lot of other songs but anyway this is just the 1st part of it, so let me just play it for you then I’ll talk about the principle, so the riffs like this right hopefully it sounds familiar if you’re an Allman Brothers fan the point is I’m not just playing this chord of muscle playing little less.


Allman Brothers´s Midnight Rider Guitar Chords

So what I’m doing here is an open A-string 3rd fret, open D-string twice back to the 3rd fret A-string and then you could just play the chord but there’s going to be situations circumstances places in your songs where it really benefits a you know the feel of the song to play some single notes riffs a little bit more finality and over time you should develop as a musician as a guitarist you’ll start to have a sense of where you need to do that and where you can just get away with basic chords so anyway that’s just a little riff you can do it’s a great song for the complete lesson check out ultimate beginner guitar you get there by going to guitar / beginner where I’ll go deep on like i said lots of songs it’s a great resource to check it out guitar controller child / beginner.

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