learning guitar tips

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Welcome back! Learning guitar tips right? We are all looking for them at some point.
When I was starting out, I had now idea how to play a chord. Most of the time I would just play
random chords that made no sense at all haha; but boy, I was having fun. Today I wanna share
with you some of the best tips that I wish I had back then when I was beginner; this is coming
from a guy who has been playing guitar for 15 years.
I think every guitar player should start out by learning some chords. You probably know a few
chords I mean, they are all over the internet; that’s no secret. But it’s like if they give you a car
and you don’t know how to drive, you could potentially learn on your own but if someone helps
you out it’s way better, faster and easier. I think some of the stuff that you have to keep in mind
whenever you practice any song with any chord are the following:
key to playing different chords within one song is know where your finger are going
to land before you even move them. You have to like see the frets with your mind. You
have to imagine where the fingers will go. Seriously, it works.
you are changing chords, don’t change one finger at a time, it’s not good. Actually
move all the fingers at once, like if they are jumping. It might be very hard at the
beginning but eventually it will make your playing better and smoother.
out for the lower part of your fingers as sometimes it might me muting other
strings and you don’t want that; you want the full sound of a chord.
playing rhythms, move your wrist not your arm! Some people tend to move their
entire arm but trust me, if you train your wrist, it will be much better for you in the future.
You will be able to achieve more complicated rhythms.
This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos.