How to Play Chicken Picking Riffs On Guitar

Chicken Picking Guitar Riff - Easy Guitar Lesson on Chicken Picking Riffs

Chicken Picking Guitar Riff – Easy Guitar Lesson on Chicken Picking Riffs

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with and
I want to give you a little exercise today to help your lead
guitar playing. It’s great for blues, blues rock. So it’s
kind of a spin-off, a variation on the rhythm and then lead
kind of exercise. Here’s the basic riff.

First of all, we’re kind of springboarding off the chicken
picking rhythm that I was talking about last week, this basic
rhythm. You can get into… Instead of doing that… First of
all, here’s just a cool rhythm you can do. It’s like your A,
just take a regular A chord and then you’re going to hit your
A string and then pluck the G and B strings. You can pluck
the open G on the last beats.

That can be an exercise right there. You play that once and
then go into like a lead, something like that. We’re going
to add another twist, though, just to make it a little bit
more of a better exercise. You’re just going to hit it twice
and then on the third time you’ll hit the A and go right
into this lick.

So you’re just starting on the D note after you pluck the A.
So real slow. D on the 7th fret of the G string, 5th fret and
then 7th fret of the D string, back here, up to the 5th fret
of the G string. That’s just a starting point. The exercise
is really to start that D and you can play any riff. Hit the
A string and then pluck that note. So that’s the first part.

Now let’s move to another note in the blues scale or A pentatonic.
You can do that or now let’s try moving up to the E note. Or let’s
move back to the C. Or we can use the root. You see what we’re
doing here? Every note of the pentatonic scale.

I hope you enjoyed that exercise. Try it. Basically the idea is
that instead of just trying to hit a random note that you’re
improvising, which is also a great exercise, now you’re kind
of having in mind ahead of time what note you’re going to start
on and it’s just really intended to help your rhythm playing.

I go over some different cool exercises like these more rhythm
and lead kind of stuff in my course, “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”.
So go ahead and check that out at Thanks
for watching and we’ll catch you in another video. Take care.

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