Easy Rhythm Blues Shuffle Riff on Guitar Using 3-Note Lick

Easy Rhythm Blues Shuffle Riff on Guitar

Easy Rhythm Blues Shuffle Riff on Guitar

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from guitarcontrol.com and
today I want to show you a little three-note lick that you
can use to spice-up your blues shuffles.

The most basic riff in blues guitar is this one. Here’s the
thing with that riff, though, even though that’s totally
cliche, cliches become cliches for a reason. If you actually
go back and listen to some of the old blues songs, they use
that riff. I gave a great example of that the other day with
a Jimmy Reed song in the key of G.

One thing you can do, even before I show you this lick,
one thing to make it more interesting is to actually sing
along with the playing. You can write your own blues lyrics,
look some up or whatever. Here’s what you can do with that
riff. You can add this little… You do this.

All I’m doing here, in the key of B, I’ve got my 1st finger
on the 7th fret G string. So I play that and then hammer-on
to the 8th and then I hit the high E string 7th fret; so just
three notes. Just to review the basic shuffle, we’ve got 7th
fret low E string, 9th fret A string with my ring finger and
then I’m going to alternate that with pinkie on the other fret.
So you hit it twice, this one twice, like a shuffle; like a
three count and you tie the first piece together so it’s one,
three; one, three; one, three; one, three.

Practice that and if you’d like to get more — first of all,
if you want to get the tabs for this just check the link in
the video description. If you want to get my blues course
with 245 awesome examples of blues riffs, licks and a lot
of good stuff, just check-out guitarcontrol.com/blues.
I think you’re going to get it. Have an awesome day.

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