How To Play My Girl Free Guitar Lesson

Happy Valentines Day! Try playing this classic for your sweetie…here’s a really simple arrangement for How to Play “My Girl” on your guitar. With simple step by step video instruction and the free tabs make this super easy to pickup quick enough to impress your date.

Hey, Claude Johnson here with Guitar Control, I got a real fast mini lesson for you today it’s Valentine’s Day today and here’s a song you play for your sweetie it’s called “My Girl”. It’s just an intro, a verse and a chorus.

How to Play “My Girl”

The Intro to My Girl is going to be like this and you repeat that so it’s a C chord and then that’s D-string open 2nd G-string open 2nd and then 1st fret be sure did you repeat the same thing with an F chord okay so that’s the intro and then we go to C, F, C, C, like I got sunshine you’re going to give the signal down there or singing up higher like the temptations and then here’s the really easy part you’re going to do one strums from the chorus so it’s C, D minor, F, G, and then it’s just going to go 1 strum still C two bars of C, F, and the G7, so the whole thing what’s up like this on a plan and as for the song my soul I swear okay it’s that last word is just a G7 it’s like a G then your pinky goes to the 1st fret high string so there you go simple song and again the strum pattern you can count this part like one and four and so it’s like the classic one two and four but you don’t say the 21 and forehand and then the other party just what strums so it’s pretty simple and try it and let me know

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