Sevillanas and Falsettas

Here, Mehran shows you a typical “Sevillana” flamenco form.
Notice the use of “falsettas” – little melodies that you play
in between the chords.

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They’re all the different keys.

Most of the stuff I’m going to show you
are going to be in this key of A-minor
going to E-7. Okay?

So the first one I want you to learn with falseta.
Falseta are the little soloings. Not all sevillanas
there’s going to be chords like this.

That would be… If you have a singer, then the
singer would be singing the melody and you’re
obligated to play these chords. But if there’s no
inger and you’re playing by yourself or for
a dancer, you need to play the melodies also.

So let me show you one that I’ve written, I made up,
and we have the tablature for it. Then we’re going
to slow it down and go over it. Here’s the first one.

Verse two.

Verse three.

That is one sevillana. That was consistent of an
introduction and three verses separated by intro
coplas on each one, and then a melody that I
played on the verses.

So let’s go over the introduction, what I played
as far as the solo went. That was this, all pengata
[phonetic – 01:58].

Pengata [phonetic 0-1:59] is when you play with
your thumb going down, like this.

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