Mantias de Plata

This guy (Manitas de Plata) blew me away the first time I heard him. It inspired me to learn some of these flamenco guitar techniques…

A few years ago, I was at my Uncle’s house for dinner, and afterwards, he puts on this old record and out comes some of the most amazing, beautiful guitar playing I had ever heard in my freaking life.

My jaw hit the floor. This stuff was so completely beyond “The Shredders” that I was used to being impressed with. It was so thick, meaty, and powerful!

It was flamencoplayed at the virtuoso level.

And it turns out this guitarist goes by the name of Manitas de Plata. That’s Spanish for “Little hands of Silver”.

It wasn’t all about fast scales or runs (although there was plenty of that too). But the real magic was this “Wall of Sound” that was created with tremendous hand techniques such as finger picking arpeggios.

Ever since I heard this guy, I’ve dreamed of being able to play like that. *THAT’S* why I’m so excited about the release of Flamenco Guitar Secrets
on Wednesday.

Because we’re all going to be able to learn these incredible arpeggio
and other techniques!

No, I couldn’t get Mr. De Plata to teach you– he’s living in France somewhere and is in his 80s now I think. Even if I could, I’m not sure he
would be the best teacher since he doesn’t speak much English.

And frankly, since most of us are new to this style, we need to
just start by learning the basics. However, I did get the perfect guy to teach us this style as fast as possible (with tabs).

I realize that Flamenco is so different and exotic that some people might be hesitant to buy this course. So to give you a little bit of a “bribe”, I’m offering a price I’ve never offered on a 3-DVD set just for the product launch. It will be a super deep discount that’s unbelievable.

I’m also giving 3 guitars to the first people that order and other
gifts to the first 10 people that order. This course goes LIVE on Wednesday at 3:00 PM. Stay tuned!


If you want to learn about flamenco, including how to do the “Picado”, “Arpeggio”, and “Rasguaedo” techniques featured here… check out

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