Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Turnarounds Lick

Hey, how’s it going this is Jon Mclennan with Guitar Control, I want to show you few guitar licks from Eric Clapton’s recording with cream of “Crossroads” the live recording. I really love the guitar work on this, it’s phenomenal he just does chorus after chorus or just wailing guitar and this intro lick sounds a lot to me like something maybe he was influenced by safe Freddie King or you know early blues players.


So let’s zoom in and check it out “Crossroads” is based on a 12 bar blues form in the key of A. It uses three chords you’ve got an A7, D7 and an E7 this lick happens in the last four bars of a 12 bar blues you’re coming off of the E7 and heading to a D7 chord in the turnaround. Clapton takes his third finger and slides up to the 7th fret and then ascends an A minor pentatonic scale 7-5-7, then he comes back to 7 then 7 on the 3rd string with a pull-off back to 7, 5, back to 7, 0, that happens on a  D7 chord.

Now we’re on an A7 and he outlines it beautifully by taking his first finger and hammering from the 5th to the 6th fret it’s a classic blues phrase that you’ll hear outlining an A7 chord 5-6-5, you had 7-5, and hammer again then you go to a 7 hammer 5 on the 2nd string all the way down the octave to an E on the 7th fret of the 5th string much to me that sounds very Freddie King would do stuff like then here’s Clapton it’s almost the same leg, he’s into the verse with the singing.

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