Learn How To Harmonize Your Own Riffs W/ Dyads

Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control instructor Darrin Goodman on how to harmonize your own riffs with dyads. Darrin demonstrates the concept with a riff from his original song Temple Of The Sun. Be sure to get the free tabs to go along with this Learn How To Harmonize Your Own Riffs with dyads lesson.

Harmonize Your Own Riffs

Introduction – Harmonize Your Own Riffs W/ Dyads

Hey everybody how’s it going? This is Darrin with GuitarControl.com bringing you this Learn How To Harmonize Your Own Riffs with dyads video lesson. Today I’m actually going to be teaching you one of my own riffs from a song I wrote. What I want to show you with this is a way that you can harmonize your own riff. This riff originally was played on two guitars and honestly I prefer the way that sounds, but we ended up being down a guitar player and had to play live and had to play this song and without the harmony it just doesn’t quite sound right; so I figured out a way to do both parts at the same time. I thought that would be a good lesson for you guys to show you how by using dyads and double stops how you can create your own little harmony. So be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look at Learn How To Harmonize Your Own Riffs with dyads.

Riff Melody

All right so this riff is entirely just on the D string and it’s got this sixteenth note kind of a thing going here. So you’ve got four sixteenth notes and then we’re going to go to the 15th fret. So in between there’s four 16th notes of the open D string in between all of these notes except in a couple of places and I’ll explain when we get there. So we’ve got frets 15 14 17 15… so we go 15 14 17 15 and then 14 15 again, so between the 14 and 15 there’s only two in between… so that’s the first part. Now we’re going to come down to the 12th fret… 14 10 12 and then two… Then we’re going to come down to 10 to 9; so that’s like half of the riff right there. So the second time through it’s got a couple of differences so we start off again with frets; 15 and 14 17 15 19 17 20 19 17 15 14 and then 15 so it’s the same, but here we have two sixteenth notes… all right so that was guitar one of Learn How To Harmonize Your Own Riffs with dyads.

Temple Of The Sun

So the song is called Temple Of The Sun by the way, so if you want to hear the original song it’s on YouTube and Spotify, it’s called temple of the sun and the band is called Sonic Prophecy.

Riff Harmony

So anyhow the song starts out with just the one guitar and then the whole thing just starts over again, but a second guitar comes in doing a harmony… So it’s just harmonized in thirds and so one problem with that was the one of the notes is actually on the 24th fret so you don’t have 24 frets it’s hard to play and you can’t play both of those parts at the same time. So what we’re going to do is the harmony line that’s up here… we’re going to do it all on the G string. So our first one we’re gonna do the same and add that harmony. So we’ve got a major third there, so if you remember from the dyads video that I did before that you know you have all these two note chords, like power chords… but there’s a whole bunch of other ones; so if you haven’t seen that video I’ll leave a link for it here so you can check that out. So we’ve got this shape is a major third, so here’s our root and our melody line and then it’s just one fret down on the on the G string, that’s a major and then to make it minor there’s a fret in between. So we’ve got; major, minor, minor, major, minor, major, major, minor, minor, major, minor, minor, major, and minor again. So here I’m on frets; 15 and 14 and then 14 and 12 and then 17 and 15 and back to 15 and 14… then 20 and 17 and 15 and 20 and 19 and 17…
That’s it… now you know How To Harmonize Your Own Riffs with dyads.


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