counting our blessings (guess where I am right now)

hey Friend,

Today is MLK day. I recently
got a chance to really listen to his
“I have a dream speech”… Wow.

What a powerful leader.

It’s inspiring to see someone do great
things in the face of great adversity.

Of course, I’m just a simple guitar teacher,
but I have my own obstacles to overcome
like anyone else.

I’m just counting my blessings today
and greatful that my personal
challenges are not like those of
some people struggling in
different parts of the world, like
the folks in Haiti right now…

God bless those folks.

And what a blessing it is to have food,shelter,
and all our basic needs met.

As for myself, I’m actually sitting in
the airport right now. Just getting back
from the NAMM convention in California.

That’s the national association of
music merchants. Basically its a
big convention where everyone in the
music business gets together to talk shop.

We saw some amazing stuff, and of course,
got a chance to talk to some peeps in
the industry about our unique guitar
instructional DVDs and other products.

People really seemed to be interested
in what we are offering.

I’d like to invite you also to check out
all of our websites and products and
grab the course (or courses) that
interest you the most…

Oops, I think they are boarding my plane
in a minute so I gotta run……

Rock on!


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