Matthew Charles Heulitt Interviewed by Guitar Player Magazine


In the lit that accompanies the new moetar release, entropy of the Century [Magna Carta], there is this sure-to-be-repeated description of the band: “MoeTar sounds like the Beatles + Frank Zappa + XTC on acid.” If it takes a while to digest that meaning, don’t worry. It also takes a second to absorb everything that the band puts into a song—or even just a measure of a song. Bold harmonic structures, intricate instrumental breaks, intense dynamics, super-complex metric shifts, and gorgeous vocal melodies all somehow peacefully coexist in songs that effortlessly span many genres at once. Tying it all together is the compositional prowess of bassist and chief songwriter Tarik Ragab and the powerful vocals of Moorea Dickinson. They are joined on Entropy by Bass Player magazine alum Jonathan Herrera (on keys!), keyboardist Matt Lebovsky, David Flores on drums, and Matthew Charles Heulitt on guitar.

Heulitt represents a scarce breed of guitarist these days: He can play complicated fusion and straight-ahead rock. He can navigate incredibly difficult singlenote lines—both by ear and reading them off a chart—and still possess soulful, bluesy bends and killer vibrato. He can get a big rock tone without coming off like a big rock dude. Savvy 6-string fans will recognize Heulitt—a.k.a. MCH— from his work with Zigaboo Modeliste and Narada Michael Walden (who has been known to play with good guitarists from time to time), but they will surely hear a different side of his musical personality if they catch a MoeTar gig. Think there’s nothing new under the sun? Spin this record and then think again.

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