Lesson in D Major

Hey folks, Claude here again with another mini lesson.
Kinda short on time right now, but here we go:

First, we’re in D major.

Ok check this out – first you can make cool textures
in the same chord without even moving… Try this
D major riff. You can even keep your fingers in the
same place with a 4 note chord while you’re either
picking or fingerplucking the 3 strings.

Ok cool… next idea I have for you today is continuing
with the last lesson in talking about arpeggio sequences.
Today we’ll try a D major arpeggio sequence. Notice
it’s not D Major 7.

Turns out the neat little box pattern that worked so well
for Major 7s doesn’t fit as nicely with the pure major arpeggio.

However, here’s a cool little fingering I came up with using
some unusual pull offs.

It’s designed so you can play these fast arpeggio sequences
in a fingering that works. In this one, you’re almost position
shifting on each string, so it feels like your hand is bouncing
around, but its a good useful position.

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