Hello… Hope your weekend was good! Mine was very busy – working with my video editor to put the finishing touches on the Virtuoso Guitar Secrets DVD series.

You know, when I first talked to Silvio about doing an instructional DVD product, neither of us had a clear picture of what we watned in the video. Then, Silvio suggested that he play some of his own songs, and then explain the concepts and techniques.

I said “great! And why not also have a section just on technique?” And what about a third section where Silvio decodes his favorite influential guitarists? And then Virtuwul told me “yeah, and why not have two cameras showing both hands, plus on screen tabs and slowed-down versions of the licks”. Our goal was to make this finest product we’ve ever created.

So we have:

DVD I: Songs (6 of Silvio’s finest compositions, performed and analyzed). Each song has some amazing solo parts which are transcribed so you can learn these licks note for note. You’ll hear Virtuwul and myself interview Silvio about each song, so that every technique and trick is exposed and made clear. Finally, the song is played again at 50% speed so you can see and hear all the subtleties in slow motion if you want to.

DVD II: Technique. Silvio divides technique into 4 basic areas: Legato, Picking, Arpeggios/Sweeping, and Signature Licks. For each section, I’m again interviewing Silvio to learn all of his monster methods. Then, Silvio gives tons of exercises for each section. We also inlcude footage of everything slowed down again (just in case it goes too fast) plus tabs of all the examples. The tabs are visible on your TV screen, plus you’ll get a printable guide of all the tabs to follow along.

DVD III: Here, Silvio talks about 4 of his favorite influences: Ritchie Kotzen, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert. For each section, Virtuwul is discussing the techniques with Silvio, and then Silvio gives tons of exercises and licks in the style of each influential player. Again, you’ll get the onscreen tabs, the printable tabs, and the slowed down video. This DVD also includes more discussions with Silvio about gear and technical stuff… Plus several bonus songs.

All in all, its going to be an amazingly fun package to learn from. In a few days, we’ll be posting the details on how to get your hands on “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets”.

For today, I put together a small video which has a few clips of Silvio discussing legato, along with 2 exercises from the video from the legato section.


This is just a tiny sample… Virtuoso Guitar Secrets is a massive learning package with over 4 hours of intense guitar instruction. I know you’re going to love it.

We’ve got lots more stuff to show you , so keep checking back on the blog every day:)


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