2013 – 12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

Ok, trivia contest is here! You can win a free guitar
if you’re the best/first answer.

I just came out with “Ultimate Guitar Song Collection 3”,
and I created a nice little video slideshow presentation
to promote it (see link below).

In my presentation, I also recorded myself strumming
and playing some of the actual songs that I teach
in the course.

So, the trivia question is: What are the artists
and songs that I’m playing on my video ? (there’s 7 of them)

Try to get as many as you can. Good luck!

By the way, you may need to get to
an actual computer if you’re trying to
view it on a phone or ipad.

We’re offering the “Christmas Guitar Course”
for just $1. It teaches you how to play 15
Christmas songs on the guitar, including
both simple strumming and more complex chord-melody
arrangements, so there’s something for everyone.

And we’ve add a special “Celebrity bonus” set of
videos, just for 2013, so even if you ordered
last year, make sure you jump in again.

BEST PART: All the money we raise goes to
charity – to help give meals to needy families
through the Salvation army, and to give kids
a great musical experience through Blue Star
music camps.

The $1 Christmas Guitar Course


P.S. We’re still offering free shipping on the
Ultimate Guitar Song Collection:

The Ultimate Guitar Song Collection

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