2 Cool Acoustic Licks

So just the same as how we took the initial, the little,
simple pentatonic phrasing and we turned it into a major
by doing this little…

We can use similar notes to get phrasing on the low E
string as well, and it gives it more of like a major
country type feel. We can’t do the same riff because
it’s going — it’s descending. It’s going from a high E
down to the lower B. We don’t have a note lower than the
B on the lower end of the guitar. So we’ve got our…
We can just use a little country type thing. That’s kind
of like… It’s not quite the same as that, because if
you were to copy that I’m sure it would be pretty hard
to play on the low end of it because you’re jumping
around octaves. This is just a little — a really
short phrase.

So just starting off exactly the same as we did our three
to four. We’re going… Three to four. Then you want to
pick the B note on the 2nd fret of the A string and we’re
just going to go 2-4-2 or just 2-4, even. So it’s like a
pick up, like a one, two, three, four.

Then the only other notes we’ve got is just an open E and
an octave E. So open and then second fret D. Watch where
my finger is on the position. I’ve kind of moved away from
this pentatonic thing and I’m kind of in this — it’s almost
like a F sharp kind of range, but it’s not. You’ll see where
it goes when I continue it on. So we’ve got this.

Let’s join the low one together with the high one just for
the sake of doing it.

So that gives it like a real country feel, but when you play
it in context of like a more bluesy type thing — like check this out.

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