Learning to sing vs other instruments.

It could be said that the voice is an instrument.  However,
since the vocal chords are part of the human body, there
is a big difference between learning to sing and learning
to play the piano or the guitar. 

Most musicians would agree that it is easier to learn to sing that it is to
play concert piano.  In our opinion, the difficulty in becoming
a successful singer doesn’t have much to do with technique. 

The challange in singing is all about the character and personality
of the singer.  When you sing, you bring so much of yourself into the
music.  Probably 50% of your success has to do with how well you
can actually sing on a technical level, and the other half has to do
with who you are as a person, because that will come across
in the music.

Who you are on stage on the stage of life, so to speak, is really
who you are on an actual stage, performing.

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