Acoustic Enlightenment

Jimmy’s Message from Maui:

Hi and aloha from beautiful Maui, Hawaii. I’m Jimmy Dillon.
I’m very excited. I just got married here in Hawaii on this
beautiful property up here, country in Maui and I want to
tell you about a new product that we’re launching very soon
called “Acoustic Enlightenment”.

Now, I want to thank you all for supporting and being so
excited about “Soul of Acoustic Guitar”, which I really
had a lot of fun making about a year ago. Our new product
goes deeper into acoustic magic, not the least of which I
cover is a little bit of Hawaiian slack key, which I was
playing for you and I’ll play you out with.

So stay tuned to us and I’ll see you real soon. I’ll be
heading back to the mainland today. I want to check-in
with everybody and let you know about this new product
and it’s going to have a lot of different styles, from
flat picking to finger picking, many of the things we
approached on “Soul of Acoustic” and beyond.

So I’m going to leave you with a little bit of Hawaiian
slack key and it goes like this. Aloha from Hawaii.

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