Billy Mays Pitches Supercharged Soloing Made Simple

Supercharged Soloing Made Simple comes out
on Wed. Sep 4th at 3 PM EST.

Early bird bonuses include free shipping
and a chance to win free guitars and amps…

My friend Billy Mays explains in this video


Billy Mays Pitches Supercharged Soloing Made Simple
Hi. Billy Mays here for Supercharged Soloing Made Simple.

Do you play guitar? Want to play killer leads and scorching solos?
Then you need to get your hands on Claude Johnson’s latest DVD course.

You’re going to discover all kinds of amazing licks, tricks and riffs.
But this is no ordinary guitar learning product, it’s the first course
from Claude Johnson and Guitar Control in over seven years.

Claude did all the hard work and research so you don’t have to. This
is the course that will inspire you, supercharge your skills and shave
years off your learning curve. Finally become fluent on the fretboard.

Not only will you get dozens of plug-n-play licks, you’ll also learn
a ton of incredible exercises to take your mastery to new heights:
position shifting, pivoting, pentatonics, tapping, rhythmic playing,
melodic textures and a lot more.

You’re getting three amazing DVDs filmed in beautiful HD video and
best of all, the examples are tabbed-out for you, note for note.
But wait; there’s more.

Order during our special product launch and get free shipping
anywhere in the world, right to your door.

Hold on. I’m not done yet. Everyone who orders on the first day is
automatically entered into our early bird raffle where we’re giving
away three Spear electric guitars worth $400 each and three
[unintelligible – 01:24] amps. Also, the first person to order
wins another guitar instantly. So it pays to be fast.

Just go to and refresh your page
at 3 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, September 4th.

This has been Billy Mays for Guitar Control and Supercharged Soloing Made Simple.
Have a great day and rock on.

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