How To Start Playing Blues Guitar Songs

Hey, do you have the blues? I’m not talking about the kind you take Prozac for either. I mean the Stevie Ray Vaughn and Robert Johnson type of blues. Its okay, I have them too. Darrin Goodman here with some lessons for you to check out on some popular blues guitar songs so you can get the cure for your blues.

So to play some blues guitar songs you will need some blues fundamentals to get started with. So let’s briefly go over a couple of things you will need to start playing your favorite songs.

First you will want to know some dominant 7th chords. Here are two barre chord shapes for dominant 7th chords, one with the root note on the 5th string and one with root on the 6th string.


One of the most common blues song chord progressions is the 1-4-5 progression. This progression is when you simple take the key of the song, lets say it’s the key of “A”, and that is the one chord and then simple count up four from there, which is D, and then up five, which is E. Then this is usually played in a 12 measure progression, or 12 bar, and consists of; 4 bars of the one chord, 2 bars of the four chord, 2 bars of the one chord, one bar of the five chord, one bar of the four chord and then either two bars of the one chord or a “turnaround”.

You can learn all of this plus a lot more with the course How To Play Smokin’ Blues from Claude Johnson.

Smokin Blues Course

Now let’s dive into some song lessons.

First we’ll look at Pride and Joy from Stevie Ray Vaughn, one of my personal favorites.

Pride and Joy Lesson

Next we have “Hideaway” by Freddie King.

Hideaway Lesson

Finally let’s look at “Watch Yourself” as done by Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton.

Watch Yourself Lesson

Well that’s all for now. If you want more of these great blues song lessons be sure to check out the course Ultimate Blues Song Collection.

Ultimate Blues Song Collection Course

Well I’m off to practice some blues myself,


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