Great Way to Learn Guitar: Online Sites And Regular Practice

Hey all- CMC here. Wow- what an incredible resource everyone has
these days, huh? For 99% of recorded history, musicians have not
had the advantage of the internet. Y’all have it and can take
advantage of it. We old schooler’s expect more from you though, so
it’s a double edged sword, or axe, as it may be.

There are alot of guitar sites online. However, most don’t have
easy to understand content, many are not simply designed and a lot
of them aren’t worth spending much time on. That’s why you got
lucky in finding us. The cool thing is that at least most sites
have free content, so you wont be wasting a lot of cash.

It’s pretty amazing- the plethora of online guitar sites. You can
PLAY GUITAR ONLINE, tune your guitar, do open tuning, battle
demons in guitar based games, or recap your knowledge of music
theory. There are tools for practicing and you can study and take
tests. The tests count how many right or wrong answers you have,so
it can be good training if you’re about to start in a music

This explosion of internet guitar info is like nothing music has
seen since rock n roll first exploded on the scene. It just keeps
getting better and better, folks!

As a student of the Arts and History, I know that technology and
invention is what drives creative innovation. The invention of the
electric guitar-think about that for a second: one guy had an idea
that literally rocked the world. Now, maybe with vast new arenas
of tech knowledge opening up, you might be the next guy to invent
something just as huge. Now there are all these online guitar
sites. Who knows how they will change music… but you can be a
part of it. Dive in, make the best of it: create, invent!

Watch this cool LEAD GUITAR LESSON

But can I just say-without being too old school about it, what
concerns me? You see, I want you guys to succeed. I want a whole
new generation of Hendrix, Beck, Page, Miles Davis, Coltrane, etc
all but I’m concerned that spending too much time online might
distract from real practice time, grinding away at those scales.
Info is awesome and definitely keep coming here to hang out on but info is not playing and you need to play. So
keep it real, let us be your landing base, explore but always make
sure you’re not getting distracted.

Also I recommend you to check out this:


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