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There’s nothing as exciting to a guitar player as finding a tab version of one of his favorite songs or of a particularly challenging solo, and it’s even better when the guitar tab doesn’t cost you anything. Thanks to all the tab sites vying for your attention online, guitar tab free content has exploded. There are numerous websites offering guitar tab versions of everything from pop, rock, and metal to bluegrass, country, blues, and even classical. You can also find guitar tabs online for scale exercises and tab that illustrates specific guitar techniques like sweep picking, note bending, pick and finger slides, and playing arpeggios. Below is an example of one of these lessons in tab.


Guitar tab free content is a way for guitar players of all levels to access guitar-related material for practice or performance, but reading tab can also be a stepping stone to learning to read traditional music notation. A lot of the tab transcriptions you find include both tab notation and standard, and a guitarist who wants to learn to read and write standard notation can compare the tab and standard notation versions to help familiarize himself with where the notes on the guitar appear on the music staff.

Of course, there’s no reason to ever learn traditional notation if you prefer tab versions of the songs you want to play. As long as tab works for you, there’s plenty of it around you can get your hands on free of charge.


Guitar tab free content is transcribed by many different people, so always be aware when you’re learning a piece that there may be mistakes. Since the content is free, it’s often uploaded by anybody who has a transcription to share, and this means you don’t know the skills or credentials of the person delivering the tab arrangement. I find most of the transcriptions on free sites to be mostly accurate, but listen when you play. If you think something is off, trust your ear and make the necessary adjustments. If you don’t think you can make adjustments yourself, pick another arrangement and see if that one work s better for you.

The illustration below is of “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix. This is a typical full transcription like you can find online for just about any song you want to play, making it possible for you to recreate note for note what you hear on albums. These guitar tab free transcriptions can be used to build a repertoire or as a learning tool and are a guitar player’s dream.

purple haze.jpg

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