Hey! Don’t ask me! I perhaps did it the wrong way: I rejected
the idea of “lessons” and “study” and learning to read
music…that was until, almost ten years after (yes, like the
band) I started, I realized that just might be a good idea if
not a great idea. But here’s the thing: my bad habits might
have been so ingrained that even a class at Junior College- a
class I actually loved, didn’t really reform me. I’m not one
to live with regrets-I have none, really. But as I’ve said
before, were I to do it all over again- I’d RUN to class, to
study, to find a mentor, to take it seriously. In my case, I
had a Mom who discouraged me for fears of hearing loss. Turns
out she was right- 60% of inductees into the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame are hearing impaired’. So, one super important
piece of advice you might not “hear” anywhere but “here:” BE
CAREFUL. You’ll want your hearing when you get older. I know
that Rock N Roll and may other popular forms of music is
conceptually based on LOUD but in my humble opinion, maybe
it’s time to re-asses our priorities. How important is VOLUME
in our music? In the final analysis, it’s up to you.

So, 1. Study, learn, find a good teacher-take it seriously or
just accept that you’re not THAT into it and do as I didlearn
by ear, ask a few friends who are more advanced for
tips. But know-know what you’re doing.

Check out this GUITAR LESSON PT1

2. Make a decision on the safety issue: do you really want to
risk hearing loss? How important is volume?

3. Online resources are amazing these days. You can find just
about any kind of style or teacher or teaching. Just LOOK and
KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. If you want to learn how Eddie Van Halen
figured out how to play “Eruption” just Google or You Tube
“How did Eddie Van Halen figure out how to play Eruption?” –
it’s often that simple. If you hear someone talk about a
guitar solo saying the word “screamer” and you don’t know
that they’re talking about – Google “what is a screamer in a
guitar solo?” The point is: sometiems knowing what question
to ask is as important as the question.


4. Find mentors, friends, make time, sacrifice. “Nothing
ventured, nothing gained” goes the old saying. If you really
love guitar as I did (and do in a different way these days)
you wont even have to remind yourself of this with a sticky
note on your Fridge: PLAY GUITAR. You’ll come home after
school, or a long day at work, see that Strat laying on the
couch and want to dive in. It should be a passion and in that
there is a clue. If it’s not a passion, if you DONT have the
desire to play every guitar you see at a party or Guitar
Center, maybe you should try something else?


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