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Blues guitarist Joe “Guitar” Hughes was a huge fan of the blues from an early age. His heroes included people like Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Basically anyone who had a good feel and was playing with a good shuffle he was a fan of.

In the 1960s Joe was able to land a job working for Little Richard and the Upsetters, before moving to Bobby Blands band later in the 1960s. Just like one of his idols Johnny Copeland he really was unsure of the future in Houston but unlike Johnny Mr. Hughes decided to stay.

Unfortunately because of this decision there was a long dry spell where he is was unable to play for much money. But finally he came back into the spotlight with a great record called “If You Want To See These Blues”, which was released for Black Top records.

During the 1980s he was able to tour Europe and record another album entitled Texas Guitar Master in 1986.

After a long career playing the blues guitarist Joe “Guitar” Hughes passed away on May 20, 2003 from a heart attack.

Top 5 Songs

Walk On
Bad Dreams
My Baby Told Me
That’s Life
Moving To The Country

Top 3 Albums

If You Want To See These Blues
Down & Depressed
Texas Guitar Slinger


1988 – Craftsman (Double Trouble)
1989 – If You Want To See These Blues (Black Top)
1995 – Down & Depressed (The Network)
1996 – Live At Vrendenburg (Double Trouble)
1996 – Texas Guitar Slinger (Bullseye Blues)
2001 – Stuff Like That (Blues Express)

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