Cesar Rosas A Famous Singer, Songwriter And Guitarist For Los Lobos

Blues guitarist Cesar Rosas was born on September 26, 1954, in Hermosillo, Mexico. He is perhaps the most recognizable member of Mexican rock group, Los Lobos, as a singer, songwriter, and blues guitarist. In addition, Rosas participates in the Latin supergroup Los Super Seven, along with the members of The Texas Tornados, Calexico, Ozomatli, and other famous musicians. Rosas is well-known for his trademark black sunglasses and slicked-back black hair. In 1999, he released a solo album, “Soul Disguise,” and toured following its release. Los Lobos has been performing and releasing albums since the late 1970s. They are three time Grammy Award Winners.

Top 5 Songs

La Bamba
One Time, One Night
Will the Wolf Survive
Don’t Worry Baby
Bella Maria de Mi Alma

Top 3 Albums

… and a Time to Dance
By the Light of the Moon
La Bamba


Los Lobos
Si Se Puede!, 1976
Just Another Band From East L.A., 1978 (LP), reissued in 2000
…And a Time to Dance, 1983
How Will the Wolf Survive?, 1984
By the Light of the Moon, 1987
La Pistola y El Corazón, 1988
The Neighborhood, 1990
Kiko, 1992
Music for Papa’s Dream, 1995
Colossal Head, 1996
This Time, 1999
Good Morning Aztlán, 2002
The Ride, 2004
Ride This – The Covers EP, 2004
Live at the Fillmore, 2005
Acoustic En Vivo, 2005
The Town and the City, 2006
Los Lobos Goes Disney, 2009
Tin Can Trust, 2010

Los Super Seven
Los Super Seven (1998)
Canto (2001)
Heard It on the X (2005)

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