Danny Gatton Guitar Riff!

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Hey guys,

Here´s some cool riff in the style of Danny Gatton!

Hope you like it…

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How’s it going, everybody? My name is John McClennan
and I’m here with guitarcontrol.com, excited to bring
you this lesson on sort of Danny Gatton style rhythm
playing. Danny Gatton was just an amazing guitar player.

Basically we’re going to play over a C7 chord.
So think of this shape or your basic barre chord C
and you slide-in from a B flat to a C. Then you take
the upper part of the triad here, which is almost just
like an A barre chord, but on the 5th fret and I play
that with my fingers, like this, just on these two
strings, and then the pick. Then I hammer to the 8th
fret and then right underneath I pluck these strings
again. So it’s… See that? So that’s fingers, pick,
fingers, pick, fingers, fingers, pick. I’m alternating
between the two and getting a nice variation of texture.
You get that little rest in there.

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